Space 11


Space11 is a new Business Unit launched by IE thanks to an agreement with Space 11 Corp (founded by Andrea Iervolino) for the use of the brand and formats to produce entertainment events in outer space.

One of a kind and revolutionary, the company’s stated goal is to create Cinema, Video and Web content, as well as Live Events (concerts, sporting competitions and similar).

Today, a product of this scope might seem too futuristic and hardly feasible, but technological progress is advancing at such fast pace as to lead one to believe that it will all be possible in the medium term. Indeed, enterprising minds like those of Elon Musk or actors like Tom Cruise are already exploring the territories and instruments of communication for various types of initiatives, both single and multiple, in outer space.

Consequently, Andrea Iervolino, bolstered by his fifteen years of experience in the world of entertainment and mass communications, has decided to harness all his know-how and to avail himself of the sector’s leading technicians and experts to systematically study all the means and methods required for the realization of the company’s stated mission, one entirely focused on creating something mind-blowing and unique at the global level.