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The eight episode series (roughly hour-long episodes) features groups of celebrity guests opening up and candidly discussing important issues and life lessons facing today’s teens and young adults – such as friendship, empowerment, inclusion, paying it forward, positivity, and more, with the common goal of giving back.
The series was born through a collaboration with producer Andrea Iervolino, producer/director Chiara Tilesi and Raquelle Stevens, because young adults and teens are struggling more than ever with finding their place and making a positive impact in the world around them. “Giving Back Generation” addresses the ways in which they work to give back to their communities and others in their lives through their actions and positive self-expression.
Giving Back Generation is the debut series from TaTaTu’s dedicated social impact department and marks a larger push into community activism & global stewardship through the development of content while supporting the voices of socially-minded content creators.

  • Produced by: Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi, Chiara Tilesi
  • Directed by: Chiara Tilesi
  • Host: Raquelle Stevens


  • Trailer duration: 01:08 min


  • THE VALUE OF FRIENDSHIP with Selena Gomez, Courtney Lopez, Ashley Cook
  • BE A POSITIVE INFLUENCE with Nina Dobrev
  • EMPOWER WOMEN with Sofia Carson e Paulina Char
  • INCLUSION with Justin Tranter
  • DON’T GIVE UP with Charm La’Donna
  • GET INVOLVED with Ajay Relan
  • PAY IT FORWARDS with Caitlin Crosby e/and Betty King
  • BE KIND with Selena Gomez
  • THE POWER OF CHANGE with Emma Marrone
  • BE YOURSELF with Andrea Iervolino
  • MAKING THE DIFFERENCE with Monika Bacardi
  • LET’S HELP EACH OTHER with Anna Laura Di Luggo

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