The Board of Directors for Iervolino Entertainment – a company specialising in the production of film, television, web series and short content, listed on the AIM Italia market – met today and
approved the proposed amendment and expansion of the Board of Directors’ power to increase the share capital, in addition to providing for the right to increase the share capital in order to issue warrants for shareholders and other parties.

The Board of Directors’ power to increase the share capital – pursuant to art. 2443 of the Italian Civil Code – was approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 10 April last year for an increase of the share capital in cash or in kind up to a maximum total of €50,000,000, including premium, to be carried out in a divisible manner in one or more tranches by 31 December 2024. The Iervolino Entertainment Shareholders’ Meeting will be convened in an extraordinary session to approve the aforementioned amendment and expansion of the board’s power on 23 September 2020, in accordance with the procedures and time limits established by law.

The company has also announced that the meeting of the Board of Directors to approve the half-year report, initially scheduled for 30 September 2020, has been brought forward and will take place on 23 September. The new financial calendar can be accessed via the Investor Relations section of the website


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