The Puffins web series, produced by Iervolino Entertainment and starring Johnny Depp, has climbed the charts of Apple TV Italy, ranking first and earning Top Title of the week.

Puffins stars Johnny Depp, who lends his voice to the character Johnny Puff, and consists of 250 5-minute episodes. For Iervolino Entertainment the production of short content primarily for streaming and mobile channels is a new line of business which significant resources will be dedicated to.

Iervolino Entertainment is a company engaged in the production of cinematographic and television content for the international market and is listed on the AIM Italia stock exchange.

The first two collections were made available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Puffins is the spin-off of the animated film Arctic Dogs. The film which was released in theatres last year is currently the third most-watched title on Netflix US.

Puffins follows the adventures of a group of cute little birds, helpers of the shrewd walrus Otto. There are five main characters in the series: Johnny Puff, Tic and Tac, Didi and Pie, who live with their tribe of Puffins in Otto’s vast, technological lair (the walrus being a skilled engineer and veteran collector). The stories range from bold missions to situations related to the small problems of everyday life, and deal with issues such as gender equality, the fight against pollution and the protection of the environment in a manner appropriate for small children. Important and universal topics that find an ideal setting in the community of Puffins and the surrounding Arctic environment. All without ever losing sight of the main objective: to entertain the public with a succession of absurd situations and hilarious gags.

Andrea Iervolino, President and Founder of Iervolino Entertainment, noted: “We’re happy to consolidate our partnership with Johnny Depp, involved for the second time in a Iervolino Entertainment project. This is the actor’s first participation in a short-content product, a new and avant-garde project: a further confirmation for us that investing in a type of use and genre that looks to the future is the right strategy. We’re proud that a star of the calibre of Johnny Depp believes in our project and is an active part of it, sharing creative ideas with the production staff that will surely give added value to the Puffins”.

The Puffins series involves many Italian animation professionals: authors, directors, storyboards, animators, graphic authors, composers, editors. This can further boost the prestige of our country, which will be able to increase its industry know-how by continuously working on animated series Made in Italy, in a short format destined for the global market.

Moreover, the project’s development is strengthened and supported by penetration into new markets: Russia and Eastern Europe, in addition to those where Iervolino Entertainment has always been present (USA, Canada, Latin America and Western Europe), thanks to recent initiatives under development in the Serbian Republic.