Gabriel Luna (“Terminator: Dark Fate”) is starring in the romantic drama “Eddie & Sunny” from Iervolino Entertainment S.p.A. The film is an adaptation of Stacey Cochoran’s 2015 best selling novel of the same title.

Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi are producing the feature film. Desond Devenish is directing and wrote the adapted screenplay. Silvio Muraglia’s Paradox Studios has acquired the worldwide distribution rights.

Filming, which was interrupted due to restrictions in recent months, resumes today in Rome, Italy.

Gabriel Luna plays the title role of Eddie while Joanna Vanderham plays Sunny.

“Eddie & Sunny” is about an impulsive homeless couple who, in defense of their teenage son, commit the murder of an affiliate of the drug cartel and are forced into separation and in hiding.

Eddie and Sunny have never had anything in life save for each other’s love. For months they’ve lived out of their car with their young son, and the stress of it all has driven pregnant Sunny to the point she wants to ditch Eddie and her kid and vanish from the life Eddie’s tried so futilely to build for them in rural North Carolina. When they stop at an abandoned service station, the point is just to survive another night in their car. But inside they discover a marijuana grow operation, cash, and a stockpile of weapons. As they leave, the owners arrive and Sunny is forced to shoot the dealers to save her family. Eddie and Sunny become fugitives of the law and the drug dealers’ kin and are separated with each believing the other has been killed in an act of retribution. Eddie & Sunny is the story of a family finding its soul, but to do so they have to lose one another first. It is a story of hope, love, and the American Dream. It is the great American novel set to a crime fiction soundtrack.

Said Andrea Iervolino, “After being forced to stop production due to the dramatic world pandemic we are experiencing, we are doubly happy that this project can finally see the light. We worked hard to be able to start preparation with the right safety measures and finally production is ready to restart. I thank Gabriel for agreeing to participate in this project. He is a very talented actor who is perfect for this deep role.”

Silvio Muraglia comments: “’Eddie & Sunny’ is a moving love story and a road movie. One of the rare cases in which social criticism is probably woven into a breathtaking narrative structure. Gabriel Luna is a very talented and sensitive actor who, thanks to his origins as a Hispanic from Texas, will give the role credibility and dimension.”


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